Eesti Sai OÜ / Ltd is one of the biggest frozen bakery product producers in Estonia.
Our brand products have been on the shelves since 2007. 
We are a well established frozen food manufacturing, wholesale and brokerage company.

Eesti Sai OÜ / Ltd  values local raw materials and knows what consumers prefer.
That is how we have won the loyalty of our B2B customers and their consumers.


We offer following product groups: 

- Bake-off products (small bread)  

- Doughs  

- Pretzels

- Pizzas 

- Chinese Spring Rolls

- Frozen food

We produce goods with affordable price and high quality, easy to prepare.
Our products are available in well-eqiupped Retail Chains, Supermarkets, HoReCa (Hotels/Catering/Reataurant) sectors.


Eesti Sai OÜ /Ltd  is a member of The Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce.